Mainstream Media

As someone who loves to make people laugh by creating my own movies, TV shows, and songs, I love to watch other people do that stuff too.  As I watch all the mainstream shows on TV, I notice, that they are super funny. but they don’t share the same values that I do.  They are usually all about drinking and relationship problems, with swearing in between.

That’s why I am creating my own show “The New Business.”  I want this show to have very high values.  To show teenagers, and everyone, what dating should be like between a boy and a girl.  And keeping yourself pure until marriage.  I want it to be a clean show with no swearing.  People don’t realize this, but things can still be funny without bad language in it.

The show is about a guy, me, who starts his own business.  He is going to go through all the dilemmas that starting a business will brings.  Such as, ideas for what kind of business to start, dealing with customers, hiring new employees, and other stuff.  And although the first few episodes are focused mainly on the business side of it, as the show goes on and more characters are introduced, I am planning to bring more personal issues to the show.

As I do this, I plan to address issues like dating, drinking, marriage, parenting, work ethic, and other issues that the audience may suggest.  But at the same time, still be hilarious.

There is a link to the Official Trailer to “The NewBusiness above.  Check it out, let me know what you think.

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