Hello World

Hello, my name is Joe Kelly.  Some people call me Joe Why Kelly.  Mainly because that was my nickname growing up.  Joe, why are you always screwing around?  Joe, why are you always messing with your brother and sister?  Joe, why are you always breaking stuff?  And laughing about it.

I figured it’s my first blog, I should probably let everyone know who I am.  I just like to make people laugh.  I have several videos on YouTube.  I really enjoy writing my own scripts to short skits, movies, and I even wrote my own TV show.

I also like to write my own songs.  Some serious.  Some…… Not so serious.  But all original.

But I really live to make short funny skits.  So here is one of my favorites.  It stars me, Joe Why, and my friend, Gino Bambino.  It’s really funny, check it out!  Musicians usually have strange names. Joe Why tries to explain to Gino Bambino the names of the musicians in his band.  This is a Parody‬ to the great ‪‎WhosOnFirst‬ act by AbbottAndCostello‬‪.  ‎WhosInTheBand‬‪ ComedicDuo‬ ‪ WhosOnTheGuitar‬?

So, thanks for reading my first blog.  If you like to laugh or be inspired, this is the place to be.   share with your friends.  Talk to you later when I try out my stand up comedy!