Pursue Your Dreams

It’s stupid o’clock in the morning and I have to wake up, although I really don’t want too.  But that’s what time my work makes me get up.  But at least someone is willing to pay me to come work for them.  I’m definitely blessed.

But that’s why we need to pursue our dreams.

It wouldn’t be so bad getting up super early in the morning if we were doing something that we love.  Something that we are good at.  Something that makes us wake up excited for the day to begin.  Even on Mondays.

Without having to rely on coffee to wake us up!

I am really good at making people laugh.  I love to write funny and goofy skits and act them out in front of people.  I love to write silly songs and make ridiculous music videos.  I love to see and hear the laughter come from peoples mouths, especially when the laughter is super loud and annoying.  It’s hilarious.  That’s my motivation.

So should I pursue a career in comedy?

God gave all of us gifts and talents.  And it’s awesome when we can use those gifts and talents for him.  And it’s even better when we can make money using those gifts and talents.  Some of us are gifted with writing.  Others with music.  Some people are good at art, or public speaking, or building things, or even inventing things.  Whatever we are good at, we need to practice and become skilled at using our gifts and talents.  And thank God everyday for what he has given us!

When God made me he was just showing off his skills!

Hopefully I can be your inspiration to pursue your dreams.  What are some of your dreams?  What gifts and talents has God given you?  If you can work anywhere and do anything, what would you want to be doing?  What would your dream job be?  Comment below and let everyone know what dreams you are pursuing.

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