BroWhy (Continued)

These are their songs and the inspiration behind why they were written:

The song “United, Change The World” was written because after watching the News, all they saw was that the world was not in a good place.  From the Government to the education system to the breakdown of the American family, things are not going well.  Policies are failing.  Crime is out of control.  Well BroWhy decided that something needed to change.  We need to be United as a nation.   No matter what race, gender, sexual orientation, political stance, or religious beliefs.  We all need to come together as Americans and be United as one.  If we do this, we can change the world!

“You Gotta Be You” is another song they do.  Everybody is different.  But we can all be successful.  Don’t try to be someone else.  Be yourself.  You can do anything you set your mind to.  It’s not going to be easy.  It won’t happen over night.  But all of us can accomplish great things.  “You gotta stay true to the one that is you!”

And get ready for the debut of their next song “Dream It On.”  We all have big dreams.  But how do we make these dreams come true?  God is the only one that could make these dreams come true!  Don’t just try do accomplish them by yourself.  You don’t know what you are doing.  But if you have God on your side, these dreams will come true.  He has even bigger dreams for your life than you do!  “Dream it on, it will all come true someday!”  That’s just a little sneak peak.  This song will be available soon!

So watch out!  BroWhy is coming and they can’t be stopped.  Follow this blog if you want to find out more.  You can listen or purchase their songs from  BroWhy/Reverbnation.

And you can also watch and listen to their songs here on YouTube.