How To Listen To Music

You might be surprised to learn that you may have been listening to music wrong all your life…







Just Kidding,

You haven’t been doing this wrong.  There’s no step by step method for listening to music.


So here’s step one:

  1. Turn on the radio, or
    1.  Spotify
    2.  YouTube
    3. Sound Cloud
    4. Radio Airplay
    5. Pandora
    6. or whichever service with which you prefer to listen to music.
  2. Pick a station, or your favorite band or artist.
  3. And press play.

That’s it.  Don’t over-complicate things.  Sit back and enjoy the music!

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Here’s the easiest way to hear your favorite songs!

There are also paid services out there that let you listen to music, watch movies and TV shows like Amazon Prime.