Hero Status

I just want to thank all the men and women in the military who have fought for or are willing to fight for the freedom of this country, The United States of America.  You are true heroes.  You deserve our respect and our gratitude.  Thank you for your service.

But they are not the only heroes our there.  We can all achieve hero status every day.  How can we all become heroes?  We just have to check our attitude.

What’s our attitude like when we are at work?  When we’re at home with the kids?  What about when we’re stuck in traffic?  Or anytime during the day?

Sometimes when I’m at work, I just don’t feel like being there.  But I have made up my mind that I’m going to do my best to have a great attitude.  When my supervisor asks me to do something, I’m gonna do it, without arguing or complaining.  And when I go home at night, I always tell myself, “Today Joe, you have achieved hero status!”

And I have taken that attitude to the other areas of my life.  When I’m playing the guitar on the worship team, when I’m writing songs or scripts, when I’m dealing with finances, my home life, when I’m out in public, and when I’m working with youth kids.  I always try to be a great example for them.  Someone they can look up to.

Now do I have bad days?  Yes.  Sometimes it’s hard to have a good attitude.  It’s tough.  But if you can work through it, it will be worth it.  I’m not saying to put on a fake smile and pretend everything is okay.  But don’t get angry, don’t take it out on people around you that have nothing to do with the problem.  Take a break, relax, and try again tomorrow.

Just be the best person that you can be.

So here is the final question.  Have you achieved true hero status today?  Comment below.