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As someone who loves to make people laugh, I also like watching other funny comedians who like to make people laugh.  But as I watch all the mainstream TV shows, I notice that yes, they are super funny entertaining, but they don’t share the same values that I have.  They are usually all about drinking and sex, with swearing in between.

That’s why I am creating my own show, “The New Business.”  This show is going to have very high values.  It will show teenagers, and everyone, what dating should be like between a boy and a girl.  Despite what Hollywood thinks, there is nothing wrong with keeping yourself pure until marriage.  But nobody is perfect.  All we have to do is learn from our mistakes and don’t make them a second time.

The show is not gonna have a lot of swearing.  People don’t realize this, but things can still be funny without bad language in it.

The New Business is about a guy who starts his own business.  He is going to go through all the dilemmas that starting a business will bring.  Such as dealing with customers, hiring new employees, the competition, and all the other things that come with starting your own business.

The first few episodes are focused mainly on the business side, but as the show goes on and more characters are introduced, the show will focus on more personal issues, such as dating, marriage, drinking, parenting, money, and work ethic.  And other issues that the audience might suggest.

But most of all, the show is going to be hilarious.  The writers are so talented and the actors are so funny they could make even a politician laugh.

Check out “The New Business” tab on the menu above and watch The Preseason now! Season 1 is coming soon.

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