The Nation’s Future

This is a poem I wrote to describe the state of the country today. The United States is coming to a place where we will have to decide the fate of the future of this great country. It seems to be more divided now than it’s ever been before. If someone disagree’s with us and has different beliefs than us, than they are the enemy. But the truth is, we are all American’s and we’re on the same team.  To make sure that America remains the greatest country ever, we will have to come together. We will have to be United.

Here is the poem:

The Nation’s Future

I Look around and nothings the same.
It’s not my fault, someone else is to blame.
Stand for your beliefs, but someone else will take aim.
You don’t believe the same as me, so let’s start this war game.

We’re on the same team, but that’s not enough.
You looked at me wrong now I have to get tough.
I will take you down, but don’t call my bluff.
We don’t know what to believe.  Is the truth good enough?

The nation needs change and we all know what to do.
But my way is better because you have no clue.
The best way to fix it would be if I just talked to you.
But my prides on the line and my accomplishments are few.

The backwards thought that we all believe.
If you disagree with me then you should just leave.
But the truth is out there, were all just naive.
If we worked together, then we will achieve.

We don’t think alike.  But we can still get it done.
Let’s work together and the prize will be won.
Don’t do it alone, let’s involve everyone.
Mission accomplished, we’ll rise like the sun.


This poem shows the divide between the two parties in this country. The best thing for the American people is if they would work together to come up with the best solution to fix the problems in this country.  It is not up to the President to do it alone.

That is why we need to come together as voters.  We need to stop hating each other because we have different beliefs, ideas, and opinions and come together.

The first five stanzas describe the country today.  The division between parties, the non-truths told by the national media, and the government doing what’s best for the government and it’s political parties rather than what’s best for the American people.

But The last stanza of the poem has hope.  The last stanza shows how great this country can be.  The last stanza is the nation’s future.

All we have to do is be united as a nation.  It doesn’t matter what race, or religion, or sexual orientation you are.  We are all American’s and this is the greatest country on Earth.  Let’s come together and show the rest of the world how great this country can be.

I also put this poem to a song.

And let’s hang our American Flag‘s on our houses for everyone to see.  And be proud to be American’s!

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