Gino Bambino And Joe Why

Their names are “Gino Bambino and Joe Why.”  They’ve been making hilarious skits for years.

Here is some of their work:


“It’s An Emotional Day”

Gino Bambino comes into work upset because his mom died.  Joe Why, his boss, feels bad for him and wants to give him the day off.  But then Gino gets a call from his sister and everything  changes.

“So I married An Illegal Immigrant”

A woman comes up to Joe Why when he is at the pool hall and asks him to marry her so she can stay in the USA.  But before they can make it official they have to go before an  Immigration Officer to prove it is true love.  But the after interviewing the couple, the Officer is  not convinced.  But he starts to accuse Joe Why of being the Illegal Immigrant.  Noe it may be Joe Why that gets deported.

Homeless Sign Holding Career 

Gino Bambino start their new career holding homeless signs.

“We Break Into Cars, For You”

Two men start their own business.  Unlocking car doors for innocent victims who have locked their keys in their cars.  But Joe Why and Gino Bambino may not be as heroic as they claim to be.

“Who’s In The Band”

Joe Why invites Gino Bambino to play join his band as the drummer.  But Gino wants a little more information about the other members of the band first.  But everyone know musicians have unusual names and Gino Bambino is getting upset because Joe Why is not telling him the names of the other band members.  Or is he?  Based on a classic skit by “Abbott and Costello.”


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