My Plans

It’s good to be original.  BroWhy is all about originality.  We just want to be ourselves.  Every song we write, video we make, blog we write, or TV series we create is going to be based off our own imagination and will represent who we really are.

Just about every day I hear someone come up with a great idea about a movie, a tv show, a song, a blog, or something else.  But they always say, “Someone should do this,” or “they (Hollywood) should make a movie about this.”  They always want someone else to do it.  Well my question always is, “why don’t you do it.”  “Why does it always have to be for someone else?”

So that’s how I am with my creative ideas.  They are not for Hollywood.  They are not for someone else.  I can do this, I don’t have to rely on someone else to do it for me.  I can, and I will create the best show out there.

I am in the process of writing a web series.  The series is going to be a comedy filmed documentary style similar to “The Office.” It is going to be hilarious but at the same time deal with serious issues that will make the audience think and maybe change the way they look at, or handle, tough situations.  I mainly want to show people that it’s possible to create a really funny show without a lot of swearing and other inappropriate material.

But BroWhy is not just about the web series, the show is going to feature a band named BroWhy that is going to create music on the show, but also in real life.  And create sweet music videos.  The songs will also have an inspirational and motivational message behind them.  But the parodies they write are super funny.

I started making my own videos and putting them on YouTube quite a few years ago.  I’ve made several different kinds of videos, short skits, funny music videos, serious music videos, dancing videos, and videos where I just talk to the camera.  None of my videos are super popular, but I am proud of my videos.

Well recently I decided it’s time to take it all to the next level.  Right now my videos are fun, but I don’t have a professional quality camera, or microphones, or any other professional equipment.  I’ve had this idea for a new web series for a long time, but I haven’t started to film it yet because I want it to be very high quality.  So I am working on other stuff first that I can do with the equipment that I have right now.  I can record original songs that I write and make music videos.  I can write a blog that I can use to share stories and ideas that I have.  And I even created my own personal website where I can share it all.

My desire is to create my own web series and record my own songs. And not have to rely on a daily job for money.  But rely on myself.  I’m not there yet, but I’m excited about the strong foundation that I have laid to start the process of building bigger opportunities and successes.

So thanks for reading.

Like and share with your friends.  And keep your eyes open because BroWhy is just getting started.  More great songs and music videos are coming.  Sweet blog posts are on there way.  And most importantly, a great web series will be coming out that you do not want to miss!  It is so well written and hilarious, you wont be able to look away.

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