What Is The Government’s Job?

I don’t like to write about politics.  But I think it’s interesting that some of the presidential candidates are promising to do certain things, and that some voters are willing to accept it, without understanding, and allow the Government to control their lives.  So here are the lists of what the job of the Government is, and what the job of the Government is not.


It Is NOT The Government’s Job to…

1.  Find me a job.

It is our responsibility to find our own job and make a living to support ourselves and our families.

2.  Pay my bills.

Don’t get me wrong.  I believe that welfare is a great program, but as a temporary way to help Americans get back on their feet, not a means for making a living.  There are definitely people out there that are going through hard times and need help.  But as they are being helped, it is important to teach them they need to eventually help themselves.

I also believe that we need to help the poor and the homeless.  But as a working American, I don’t need the Government to be the middle man.  I can help the poor myself.  I can give my money to charities out of my own free will that are much more efficient at helping the poor than the Government is.  But the biggest thing I can do, is actually get up and head out to the streets and help the homeless and the people in poverty myself.

3.  Pay for me to go to college.

Colleges and Universities are way too expensive.  But for once, it’s not the Governments fault.  It’s the Colleges and Universities fault.  And if the Government decides to pay for us to go to college, it’s only going to get worse.  The prices will keep going up and up, all on the expense of the tax payers.  So instead of protesting the Government to pay the bill for us.  Why don’t we protest the schools to lower their prices.  Maybe the seniors in High school can even boycott college and say we’re not going to sign up for your college until you make it affordable.  That would be awesome.  And would probably work, especially if all the seniors wanting to go to college participated.  But what are the chances of that happening?

4.  Pay for my healthcare.

Because the Government created this big problem with Healthcare, it is the job of the next President to fix it.  Before they repeal the existing healthcare law, they need to have another plan ready to be implemented right away.   It is very important that we listen to the candidates running for President to understand what their Healthcare plans are.  That way we can decide who the best candidate is.  But I assure you, the candidates that promise free healthcare for everybody, and Government controlled healthcare, are not looking out for what’s best for the American people.

5.  Pay for maternity leave.

Let me explain.  I personally think that business should provide paid maternity and paternity leave.  But it is not the Governments job to force them to do it.  It should be up to the businesses to decide to do it.  If you work at a business that does not offer it, then talk to your boss, or go find work somewhere that does.  But as a business owner, I think it’s very important that I look out for my employees and provide them with paid leave and healthcare benefits.  But it’s up to me to do it, not the Government.

It Is The Government’s Job To…

1.  Protect our country from terrorism.

There are many terrorist organizations that would like nothing more then to come over here to America and kill Americans.  They have made this very clear with their actions and their direct threats against our country and our President.  It is the Governments job to protect and defend America against Terrorism.  It’s very important that the borders are secure so we know who is entering into this country.  And we need to make sure all immigrants are coming into America legally.

2.  Enforce the Laws that are already in place.

The Government needs to enforce the laws that are already in place.  Gun Control is not the answer.  There are gun laws on the books right now.  They need to be enforced.  If you break these laws, you will be punished.

And there are many other examples where the Government is not enforcing the laws that are already on the books.  A good example is sanctuary cities that are refusing to enforce Immigration laws.

3.  Protect the Bill Of Rights.

It is important that our rights are protected.

If a politician says they are all for freedom of speech, but then they want to silence you when you disagree with them, then they are not for freedom of speech and they are not qualified to be in office.

If a candidate is willing to take away your religious freedoms and give them to another group, religious or not, then they are not qualified to be in office.

If a politician wants to take away your guns and your right to defend yourself and your family from an intruder who has a gun, then they are not qualified to be in office.

4.  Protect us from future disasters.

Natural disasters are something that we can’t control.  But it is the governments job to help anyone that is hurt, or loses their home due to a natural disaster.  It is also their job to clean and rebuild cities that are damaged.

As for climate change, it is politicians responsibility to be honest with the American people. Climate change is a complicated issue right now because both sides are being dishonest about it.  Democrats are willing to spend money that we don’t have, to fix an issue that may or may not be our fault, that we don’t even know if it can be fixed.  Republicans agree that climate change is real, but it is a natural occurring event that is not caused by humans, and is out of our control.  Us Americans have very strong opinions on this issue, but the truth is, we don’t even know what the truth is.  Scientists are not using science to back up their stance because the science is not there.  It is a sad day when scientists are willing to put politics and personal beliefs above actual scientific facts.



We have a very important election coming and we need to understand that the Government is there to protect “We the people.”  It is not there to control every aspect of our lives.  When choosing a candidate, we need to ignore candidates that offer us free stuff, because in order to get that free stuff, we will have to hand over control of our finances, healthcare, rights, and our lives to the Government and we will no longer have freedoms and choices over our own lives.