Your Day Job vs. Your Dreams

We all have dreams.  But can our dreams pay the bills?  The bills need to be paid.  We need to provide for our families.  For our children.  We need a place to live, food to eat, clothes to wear.  We can’t live without our cell phone, or our cable TV, or our internet.  So how can we follow are dreams?  We can’t quit our jobs.  We can’t risk losing money.  So what’s more important, a daily job?  Or taking a risk and going after your dreams?

It’s nice to have security in a daily job.  It’s nice to be able to pay your bills. You might not be able to do anything else because there’s no money left over.  But your bills are paid.  Your family is taken care of.  You can’t risk not being able to feed your family.

But the reason I bring this up is because I recently took a risk.  I am trying to start my own entertainment business.  I don’t have a lot of money.  And I don’t have a lot of fans.  But I do have some great videos, songs, blogs, and scripts ready to go.  And I have some friends with great talents and abilities that can help me out.

So I’ve asked some of my closest friends and family to help me, and get involved.  Become a partner.  It won’t pay well now.  We won’t be able to quit our day jobs.  But it will pay off after we put time in and make a great product.  And they always tell me, “I would love to.  it sounds great.  But I’m too busy.”  Which is fine.  I can go ask somebody else.  Sometimes it’s tough to find time.  But what bothers me is when I ask them what they are busy doing.  They say, “I have to work.  My job is making me work overtime.  I hate it, but there’s nothing I can do.”

So let me get this straight.  You hate going to work and getting forced to work overtime, but someone offers you an opportunity that may eventually allow you to quit your job and not worry about your finances, and your not willing to spare a little bit of time?  You could be stuck in this job that you hate for years.  Working overtime, living pay check to pay check.  Just because you are afraid to take a risk.

Well this got me thinking.  Sometimes I think we get stuck in our daily jobs and daily routines and we don’t see opportunities that are right there in front of us.  It is a big world out there and we are missing it.  You don’t have to quit your job.  But don’t let opportunities pass you by.  Don’t let your dreams vanish into thin air.  You can follow your dreams on the weekends or evening after work.  It might be tough at first but that day when you can quit your day job and start to live out your dream in real life, it will be worth it.

No more getting forced in on the weekends.  No more living pay check to pay check.  No more not being able to spend extra time with your spouse and your kids.  No more wondering how you can pay your bills.  No more not being able to take that family vacation you’ve been waiting for.

You can do this.  This is possible.  Your dream is within reach.  Opportunities are available.  It just requires action on your part.  Don’t let your dreams just be dreams.  You can reach out and grab ’em.  Make your dreams a reality!

Comment below and tell us what your dreams are.  What would you do if you could quit your day job?  Is there an opportunity in your life that you know could pay off in the future, but you’re afraid to take a risk and go after?  Start the conversation.

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