Dream It On, It Will All Come True Someday

Let’s talk about planning for the future and making goals.  It’s tough in this generation because we need instant gratification. If we can’t get it now, then it’s not worth it.  We don’t want to wait.

I need money now.  I need satisfaction now.  I need a job now.  We don’t want to work for the future.  Don’t get me wrong.  We need to work a job right now to make a living.  To pay our bills.  To take care of our family.

But if that’s all you do, than it will probably be all you ever do.  Do you have dreams?  Is there a dream job that you always think about pursuing.  Do you want that big house?  Nice car?  Can you afford those things with your current job?  Probably not.  Only a very small percent of us can.  And I’m actually not included in that “Us” that I just mentioned.  I can’t afford those things.

If you want something more, than you need to work for it.  I hear all the time people that dislike their job, and they dream of doing something else.  They know exactly what they want to be doing.  I try to get them to work with me because we want similar things.  I say, let’s do it together.  Let’s make this thing happen.

But there’s always excuses.  “I have no time.  I’m too busy.  I’m tired after work.  I’m doing other stuff (usually something that is instant gratification like we talked about earlier, not something that will improve their future.)  They have dreams but they are too afraid to take a risk, or set aside time to go after them.

But that’s not going to stop me.  I’m not going to let my busy life get in the way, or the fact that I’m too tired after work, or money, specifically the lack there of) stop me.  And neither should you.

It takes work to accomplish your dreams.  You have to set goals.  It will be inconvenient at first while your still working your other job.  It’s not going to happen over night.  It will take a while.  And maybe even a while longer than that.  But if you don’t do it now.  You never will.  You’ll be stuck in that job you dislike forever.  You’ll never be able to afford that dream house, and that dream car.

And we know it’s not going to happen instantly.  Don’t quit.  You might not see results right away.  But don’t quit.  Work hard.  And eventually, there is no doubt in my mind.  You can make those dreams come true.

You can have that dream job.  You will get that dream house, that dream car.  Go on that dream vacation.

God gave you those dreams.  And those talents to fulfill those dreams.  God has big plans for you.  Bigger than you can ever dream or imagine.  But God is not going to do it for you.  You need to take the first step and God will be with every step of the way.

Let’s go after are dreams together.  Join the BroWhy community.  Encourage each other.  Encourage me.  Let me encourage you.  Learn more at BroWhy.com.  Please subscribe and comment and share with your friends.  “Dream It On. What are your dreams?  It will all come true someday.”

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    1. joewhy says:

      Thank you. Yes, I did create this website myself. I am using the “Customizr” template from WordPress. I love the way it looks. You can customize it with your own personality.


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    1. joewhy says:

      Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I am getting my information from my personal experience and beliefs. I believe that God gave you big dreams, and if you work hard, you can make those dreams come true. I’m following my dreams, and I’m getting closer and closer everyday. And i hope you have a good time on your mission and change peoples lives.


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    1. joewhy says:

      Yes. Absolutely you can use some of my quotes. I hope your users enjoy them and learn from them.


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