If I Was President

If I was the President Of The United States Of America…

  • I would secure the border.  Stop the Cartels. 
  • I would stop drug trafficking to reduce fentanyl related deaths among our citizens.
  • I would stop human/sex trafficking across the Southern border.
  • I would reduce crime by making sure that people who commit crimes go to jail, and more importantly, stay in jail so they can’t commit more crimes. (This includes Politicians, famous, and rich people you who commit crimes.)
  • I would get the Government out of the way and let the economy grow/boom.
  • I would make America energy independent.  We don’t need to rely on Russia and the Middle East for oil and natural gas.
  • I would do everything I can to reverse gas prices, inflation and high energy costs.
  • I would make sure everyone, even those that I disagree with are allowed to speak freely without censorship.
  • I would do everything I can give parents the right to choose the best school to send their children without Government interference.
  • I would make sure children are taught the essentials: Reading, Writing, Math, History, Science.
  • History will be taught fully and accurately without bias.
  • Science will not be used as a political tool/weapon. (If you are not allowed to ask questions or challenge the science, then it’s not science, it’s politics)
  • Every citizen will choose how to live their own life or run their own business without mandates and regulations. The Government will not tell you how to live your life, run you business, or what medicines to put in you body.
  • China will be held accountable for allowing Covid19 to escape their country and be released into the world resulting in millions of deaths. (And lying about it)
  • I would make sure that all American citizens over 18 always have and maintain the right to vote.
  • I’m not going to allow the Government to take advantage of health crises and national emergencies to give themselves more power and take away rights for American citizens.
  • I would stop the congress from passing bills that we cannot afford. (No raising taxes. No adding to the national debt.

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