Joe Why (The Web Series)

We are starting to create our own web series as well.  It’s in the beginning phase right now.  We are calling it the “Pre-Season” because just like football, we are just getting ready for the regular season.  Season 1 is still to come.  And when it does come….It’s gonna be good.

So for now, sit back and enjoy “The Pre-Season.”

Joe Why wants to start a business, and he asks Jacob to be the Vice President.  Jacob get’s really concerned because it’s pretty clear Joey doesn’t know what the heck he is doing.  But Joey doesn’t care if he doesn’t know what he’s doing, he knows what he wants.  He wants to start the successful business and he wants the pretty girl.  And he’s not going to ever stop working towards achieving his goals.  But obstacles get in the way and he realizes this might be harder than he thinks.  But that’s not gonna stop him from trying…

Season 1 Coming Soon.

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