Joe Why’s Vlog

I’m just a guy living my every day life. Just trying to make it in today’s world. I want to start my own business. I want to date the pretty girl. I want to live life and be successful. But life is not always easy. Obstacles like to get in my way and interfere with my dreams; health problems, house fires, surgery’s, money problems and other issues get in the way of obtaining my goals. But it will not stop me. Nothing will stop me. But how am I going to make it all work? Find out my Vlog.

My name is Joe Why.  I’m an entertainer.  Officially my job is to create videos and vlogs and music to entertain you.  But really I just go around doing things and saying weird stuff in front of a camera.  To sum it all up, I make videos and post them on YouTube. My videos are geared towards people who might not fit in with the crowd. We are People that have big dreams that other people will never understand.

The “In Crowd” just doesn’t get that we don’t think the same way they do. We like being different. We like being weird. They will say that we’re too random. But so what! It’s good to be different, and random, and weird, and we will never change. And nothing can stop us from going after our dreams! And we will be successful. Sometimes I just want to talk.  I just want to get things off my chest.  That’s what these next vlogs are for.  Do you have any question’s for me? Do have any ideas for new videos you want to see me do? Now’s your chance to let me know. Comment on these videos if there is something you want to see me do.

What should my next video be about?  You tell me.  Let’s make this a team effort.

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