Who We Are?

Do you want to know who we are? Well, we Are Joey and Rebecca.  “JoBecca.”  We tried the whole Hollywood couple combining names thing, this seemed to be the best one.  The other choices were, “ReJoe, Boey, ReJecca, Rebeccoey,  JoBecca was definitely the right choice.  We both have similar dreams and visions.  And we really want to make those dreams come true along with encouraging our audience to go after their dreams as well.  We all have dreams and there is no reason why we can’t make those dreams come true together.  Learn more about our dreams in our Vlog series.  So that is who we are. We are “Jobecca!” Watch our Vlog series below.

Our Vlog: The Official JoBecca Vlog

Check out our first full length movie “Joe Why” starring Joey and Rebecca and their friends.  The movie is unfinished, mainly because we’re just having fun with our friends.  But who knows, maybe Hollywood will want to finish this epic movie.

JoBecca is Awesome!    

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What do you think our next Vlog/movie should be about?  You Tell us.  Let’s make this a team effort.

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