Living Motivated

Hey dreamers. My name is Joey. Also known as Joe Why.  Welcome to “Living Motivated.” Where we motivate, inspire, and encourage you to achieve your biggest goals and dreams, and live a life of success.  If I was a cartoon character, I feel like I would be a boyish handsome little elf. Joey the elf.  With a deep soothing voice to calm your soul.  

But even more than the sound of my deep soothing voice, I love giving you all of you my expert advice.  We all I have goals and dreams.  But how do we get from where we are now, to where we see ourselves in our dreams? It’s not easy.  But if we work together, I think we can do it.  Join the living motivated community and tell us about your dreams. And then through motivation, inspiration, and encouragement we will get you from your day job working for someone else for not enough money. To you dream job, working for yourself, creating your own hours, providing value to people all around the world.  If that’s your dream. I know it’s my dream.

But we don’t have to have the same dream. We all have different dreams. Don’t go after my dream. Go after your dream.  You got this! Post in the comments what your dreams are and encourage each other go after those dreams and to never give up on them.  And then later on as you accomplish your dreams, come back and tell us your achievements and milestones so we can celebrate together.  Let’s do this together.  In a few months, or years all of our dreams will come true. 

Thanks for subscribing and joining the Living Motivated community. Share with your friends who also have big dreams. And lets make those dreams come true together. We are on our way to living a motivated and successful life.